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jim gill

not just another pretty voice
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Over the years the guys that have played with jim have gone by many names:
pork chop and tuna, the blueplate special, the ecumenic hill band, buffalo speedway, the preach boys,
the texas prayboys, the good news brothers, the altar'd egos, the clerical errors, cracked potz, and
the fabulous humble brothers.

photo of Jim Gill and the band, including Carl, David and Steve, during a concert
                                                  carl, steve, jim and david
    jim gill:        vocals, guitar, banjo, ukulele, banjelele, tiple, harmonica
steve arnold:    bass guitar, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, congas, drums, cajon 
carl slagley:      bass guitar, bass fiddle, trumpet
david kealey:    lead guitar
jimmy connell:  keyboards (not pictured)
norman vance: bass guitar (not pictured)
If you would like to invite jim and his friends to play for you, call - 832-453-GILL 
  Feel free to pick the band name you like.